Some say I have solid experience and education within interaction and product design, and also the more technical knowledge. Others also say it gives me a good understanding of the technology required to achieve the ideas developed during the concept phase. A friend of a friend thinks it's fun to work with me and that I bring good energy to the team. I hope it's true, it would make me glad. 
I have a great interest in exploring human behaviour and the challenges we face from day to day and also the ones lying ahead of us, in the future. I as a designer love to create human- and environmental centred solutions derived from needs and pains. I thrive and see the importance of working with the entire design process, from observations and interviews where needs are mapped through to the concept phase and testing, which in the end leads to a finished solution. By working inclusively and iteratively with the user and testing the ideas throughout the process, the result is often splendid.
Any questions? Just reach out!
Very well, we'll talk soon!
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