Summarizing over two years of work as a product designer can be challenging, but here's a try:
I have been responsible for designing and enhancing our platforms, including web, mobile, and TV apps, as well as other digital media assets. My role involves collaborating closely with product managers, developers, and content creators to produce user-centric and engaging designs that align with the company's objectives.
Key responsibilities include:
•Conducting user research to inform design decisions
•Creating wireframes and prototypes
•Developing high-fidelity designs that are visually appealing and intuitive
•Implementing a design system to ensure consistency and ease of development

•Working and designing for two brands; MTV and TV4 Play. Keeping up with two different markets while trying to keep it as uniform as possible. 
Sample of projects
Being a part in creating and launching the new TV4 Play brand
•Making our tv shows interactive, letting the user vote directly in their smart tv, mobile app or in the web player. 
•Launching the new streaming experience for TV4 Play, guiding the users through our new offering with much more content, sports and channels. 
•Designing and introducing new experiences such as Profiles, TV4 Sport and live channels. 
This role has allowed me to contribute to the seamless integration of design principles across various platforms, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience.